Physical Therapy Should Be Your First Choice for Movement-Related Pain


I can’t hike because my foot hurts. I can’t ride my bike anymore because my back hurts. I had to stop playing basketball because my knee hurts. I had to stop playing tennis because my elbow hurts. I’m just getting old.” Sound familiar? Pain has forced you to give up doing what you love!

Many of you have been told by your medical providers to stop doing things you love to eliminate pain. Some of you have tried drugs, surgery, chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, or other various treatments which may have helped partially, completely, or not at all. What if I told you, you do not have to stop doing what you love and we can help you return to those activities pain-free?

The first person you should be reaching out to with a painful activity or movement is a physical therapist. Physical therapists are movement experts who understand the joint and muscle requirements for each movement pattern the body has to go through with a given task. We also understand the gravity and the ground reaction forces at play in all three planes of motion during a given task or activity.  We can help you identify the segment or segments in your body which may be not moving correctly and forcing you to compensate unnecessarily causing your low back, knee, or elbow pain. We can help you change your movement patterns and return to the activities you love without pain!

North Dakota is a direct access state meaning you DO NOT NEED a physical prescription to come and see a physical therapist! Stop wasting your time by treating symptoms with drugs or eliminating the activities you love, call us now! We can help you!

Written by: Shelli Stevenson PT, DPT